The OPEN BIM is an initiative of various software producers who use the IFC model data of building SMART; these data are standards and truly open for BIM making a substantial difference between BIM and OPEN BIM.

OPEN BIM allows all the projects members to communicate and interact.


  • the OPEN BIM offers all the solutions for a new dialogue among who starts and create the project idea, who projects, who plans and in the end, who takes care of maintenance;
  • the OPEN BIM philosophy promotes a transparent and universal approach to the realization and management of the building works;
  • the OPEN BIM is the basis of lasting projects that involve the entire life cycle of the work, avoiding multiple input of the same data and consequential errors.

Furthermore, small and large software platform providers can participate and compete transparently and thus bring the best solutions to life, in line with the users’ request, to freely interact with BIM system data.


The common desire of  BIM’s promoters and supporters is the use of a clear and unmistakable language

The goal is mainly achieved through the OPEN BIM brand. supported by:

  • clear definitions,
  • specific requirements
  • best practices to help implementation.

OPEN BIM wants to improve open workflows in order to get coordinated and collaborative projects.


The OPEN BIM Program is a marketing campaign started by GRAPHISOFT, TEKLA and others to encourage and facilitate the globally coordinated promotion of the OPEN BIM concept throughout the AEC industry, with aligned communication and common branding available to program participants.

System independence 

open workflows provide the different trades with the option to join with the best tools for their work  without losing the benefits of model-based collaboration.


Integrity and ownership of BIM project data 

different trades in the real world are required to maintain ownership and responsibility for their own design data. With open collaboration workflows, this is fully provided as parallel data structures are being developed and coordinated.


Workflow transparency 

the “open” collaboration offers an open interface and requires the compatibility of the software we intend to connect to the workflow, achieved through predefined protocols.


This approach elevates the conversation from the data level to the workflow level, using the first for what they are: a medium or vehicle of high-level information. With this approach, project participants can be selected based upon their professional expertise and not a particular software being used.


THE OPEN BIM Certification is a technical certification system to help AEC software vendors to improve, test and certify their data connections to work seamlessly with other OPEN BIM solutions.


OPEN BIM is so innovative because offers:

  • unlimited coordination of workflows
  • converted data with a smart process
  • no lost information
  • strong coordination among the project participants

The OPEN BIM approach is independent from the system, and the data are intact from the beginning to the end of process.

The participants work with the best solutions and they are not excluded from any BIM project. They have a full control over their software upgrades independently from those of other competitors, but the dialogue will be intact.