The ideal solution for your Technical Office.
Thanks to Mastro 4K you can manage in a simple and precise way all procedures related to the metric estimation and works accounting of any size, type of contract and work.
WBS structures with N customizable levels and smart organization of projects.
You can structure the estimation freely to customizable number of levels to have the best flexibility in managing the IFC file: now it’s easy to breaking the work down into specialist views (how it will be built, sold, etc.) and achieve maximum organizational and representative effectiveness of your project.
Precision treated multilayer components.
The symbiosis with ARCHICAD goes to a higher level; with Mastro 4K and 8BIM you can treat the geometries and alphanumeric information associated with multi-layer construction elements, sure to obtain the perfect calculation.
Mastro 4K: gain the perfect calculation starting from IFC files of BIM models.
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Compile the perfect metric and cost calculation.

The necessary tool for the estimating cost control. The WBS structure at n levels to represent the calculation for the different actors of the construction process, perfectly integrated with BIM’s logic, the access to all available price list project are just some of the strongest features of this form.

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Use the link with 8BIM platform to count the BIM model.
This feature starts the dynamic link with the 8BIM platform in order to use all the information of BIM model’s project, trough IFC format.
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Transform the ARCHICAD abacus data in perfect measures.
The ADD-ON enables the function of direct import of the tables from ARCHICAD, to integrate the information already present in the IFC format of the 3D model, to obtain reliable data even with versions 18, 19, 20 and 21 of ARCHICAD.
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Produce accounting for public and private clients.

Compile the works accounts according to the State rules.
With Mastro 4K you can manage accounting to size, body and economy and have available all the official accounting prints (for example SAL, payment certificates, etc.).

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Prepare design variations and compare offers.
You can use the dedicated features with a double goal: variations in the project during the execution phase and comparison of the offers received from the companies. The management also includes standard and customisable documents.
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Analyse the composition of the works and their prices.
With Mastro 4K you can make justifying analyses of the prices offered during the tender, specifically in the context of public works tenders.
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Ask for companies offers for according to metric calculations.
Get efficiency and speed also in the collection of price offers from construction companies: with Mastro 4K you can automate the sending and collection of price offers, also through xls or txt files, and then choose, with the comparison framework, the one that is economically better.
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Use custom templates for documentation of your work.
Customize the Documents and Specifications models with the major simplicity. You can start from a standard database of predefined models commonly used in the building site environment to satisfy your needs from now.
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Interact with other software of Linea 4k.

Use the Link 4K functionality to make the applications of the 4K Line interoperable in real BIM logic; it shares all information with the precise aim of rationalizing and simplifying your work.