An integrated solution that gives you what you need.
EasyPro is the multi-platform, integrated and modular solution for managing your team, from CRM to invoicing and project management.
Accurate and complete view of your Studio
Look at your studio with a global perspective. With EasyPro you can quickly and efficiently identify and manage all the processes that support your business. Costs, Revenues and Times are always under control with the budget and the final balance of hours, materials and production.
Real time information to get every chance
Make the best decisions based on the current data. With EasyPro, you have a central database that all people in the studio can share in a controlled way, even from outside the office, saving you time and money.
Learn how to make your studio work smarter.
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Centralize contact and customer data to maximize the benefits of your business.

Use EasyPro CRM to improve your business relationships, systematically maintain contact with your customers, and increase profitability. Segment your contacts quickly and easily and associate them with companies by defining their position within the organization

  • Manage easily the relationships between registers
  • Easily access data
  • Improve team collaboration
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Plan your team activities, meeting and calls.

Plan activities and appointments, meetings and phone calls – individual and group – and share them with your colleagues, even from mobile – also synchronized with Outlook, Google Calendar, iCloud – keeping your personal commitments personal. With EasyPro you always have a complete view of the calendar displayed by day, week, month or year to compare with your colleagues’ one to quickly find the right time to plan a meeting. The “Resource Planning” feature allows advanced resource planning per project which, integrated with time monitoring, provides a complete overview of resources and their workload.

  • Relate the activities to documents, registers, projects, etc.
  • Accentuate hours worked
  • Convert your events into economic performance
  • Evaluate everyone’s activities and workload in Resource Planning.
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Manage and log documents on DB, File System and online.

EasyPro simplifies the management of the entire document life cycle (creation, duplication, revision and association to a practice/record). You can automatically store and log all accessible documentation in a controlled form by company staff, for quick traceability by searching “by keys” or full text. 

  • Create customizable models of documents and emails
  • Use integrated text and email tools, EasyWrite and EasyMail
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Manage the process of participation in tenders.

Manage the process of participation in tenders – from the verification of the prerequisites to the guide for the constitution of temporary company groupings up to the assembly of the company CV – in order to increase the possibility of acquiring design orders and reduce fixed structural costs.

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Quickly produce quotes and manage the sales processes of every potential customer.

Improve sales performance for your business’s growth. Connect new opportunities to contacts and track their progress in the sales pipeline, and you can check your progress through each step of the process from first contact to billing.

In addition, you can count on the availability of custom price lists and document templates for the quick production of your quotes.

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Plan and get real-time information about the life cycle of your project.

Apply project management techniques in a simple and automatic way to keep costs, revenues and times under control.
With EasyPro you have a real time view of the entire life cycle of your project. The software provides a single environment to manage project schedules, related financial data and resources involved easily and quickly.

  • Project Gantt and WBS
  • Planning phases, time and relations
  • Budget of quantity
  • Budget of costs and earnings
  • Execution
  • Control of variances
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Track hours worked, even from mobile, to improve productivity and cost control.

Note the hours worked for each project in the Time Sheet, even from mobile. Activate the “timer” function for automatic recording of time spent on each activity or enter the hours manually, and decide which processes to charge the customer, declaring them “billable”, for the immediate issue of the accounting document.

  • Record the time spent on each of your projects
  • Invoice hours quickly
  • View real-time production and time of your team.
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Generate paper and electronic invoices in just a few clicks and make payments faster.

Make your billing process efficient! With EasyPro, you can quickly produce invoices, control outstanding invoices and manage reminders using preset rules and models, as well as analyze turnover with subtotals for members, operators, project centers and customers.

  • Produce paper and electronic invoices
  • Generate advance payment and balance payment notices