Few steps to govern the economic and temporal dimensions of works.
Experience and technology offer an operational tool for scheduling, production detection and job end simulation for true economic - time planning and constant control of works.
Productivity database: the knowledge repository.
With the "productivity database" you can directly calculate yields and standard teams or report experiences from the actual site data of each process. This way you can quickly obtain the expected duration for each Work Package and automatically update the forecast data.
The production of the construction accounting becomes visual.
From the scheduling of cPlan 4K jobs you can automatically produce the measurement booklet in 4K Master: just select the machining operations represented in the Gantt, and at the same time highlighted in the BIM model, to have the data verification and updating immediately.

cPlan 4K: scheduling, progress and final projection of works
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Schedule the activities planned in the project.

Schedule the activities of your project starting from the data of metric estimation and structure the work both from WBS and Gantt, to have clear advantages during the organization of the work phases and definition of relationships.

  • Import the WBS.
  • Assign the returns from the database.
  • Define relations and constraints
  • Associate compute items to WP.
  • Automatically obtain the project schedule with the best value.
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Get data to schedule with the 8BIM platform.

Obtain the data to schedule with the 8BIM platform directly from the IFC file of BIM model.

The interoperability with the visual model speeds up and facilitates the dynamic management of time required for the works execution.

  • Import IFC file data
  • Interoperability with Mastro 4K
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Monitor production and control activities in progress.

Declare the actual start date of phases and you can compare the scheduled values with those measured to have the actual progress of the work ; cPlan 4K will highlight value, production and time deviations, efficiency and effectiveness indices and the critical points to be monitored.

  • Report the start date of works for every WP.
  • Identify the production directly from construction accounting of Mastro 4K.
  • Determine automatically the actual progress of the project.
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Generate job end scenarios with measured or simulated data.

Generate works end scenarios with measured or simulated data. The comparison with the scheduled values will allow you to obtain retroactive and prospective control of work.

  • Observe the projections ending with the Earned Value method.
  • Simulate scenarios to identify the most profitable feasibility hypotheses.
  • Confirm the new revision of Gantt.