The key to your success

888SP develops and markets highly specialized software solutions for Technical Offices, Constructors, Companies and Government. Why are we the key to your success? Since 1994 we have been making management of your work simpler, more efficient and of higher quality through accessible technological innovation.

Our Philosophy

To be avant-garde? To know all that is worthwhile knowing thoroughly and investigate everything which could help to evolve.

True innovation, as the masters of the Renaissance taught us, originates from transversal knowledge and “ingenious” imagination.

This is the philosophy we believe in: conveying the beauty of intelligence inherent in truly useful software.

The awareness that our experience and services boost our customers’ business and unleash their creativity strengthens our desire to improve.

We've multiplied our efforts by four to serve our clients

We satisfy the demands of National and European market, and we cooperate with some important Italian companies that work in different international countries. Today we count more than 10.000 customers all over the world.

Our difference

Not only for Italy 

Our Markets

We currently meet the demands of domestic and European markets and collaborate with leading Italian companies that operate internationally.

Our Clients

Our clientele is made up of Technical Offices, Architecture and Engineering Companies, Building Contractors, Industrial and Service Companies, Government and Utilities.

Our Technology

The technological solutions of 888 Software Products are the result of specific decisions related to how they are intended to be used: from client-server for those with centralized management to web-based solutions for organizations who need mobile access to information. Not to mention support for both macOS and Windows platforms.

Our Services

The product offer of a software house cannot be considered complete without adequate support and training. To benefit from our programs, users must not only be made aware of their characteristics but also require regulatory and methodological support. 888 Software Products has a qualified staff of experts that provides multiple services, when you need them.

Events - Technical Seminars

888 Software Products organizes and participates in conferences and seminars across the country, with the aim of raising awareness in both customers and non-customers about emerging issues in the fields of BIM, Safety, Job Accounting, Management Control and Maintenance.