The fastest and most effective way to the 4D, 5D and 7D.
The 8BIM platform interacts with BIM Authoring software in order to improve the dialogue with the Technical Management used by the AEC industry players, thus making the production of the 4D, 5D and 7D database fast and reliable.
8BIM: A powerful tool to give you a great user experience.
Powerful functionality and ergonomic save you time and money, making effective the process of computing from IFC files of BIM models and integration with the technical management Mastro 4K, cPlan 4K and ERP Matrix.
Add on for ARCHICAD, the best for your ARCHICAD.
From the partnership between 888 Software Products and GRAPHISOFT, the Add-On for ARCHICAD was born, which makes the connection between Mastro 4K - 8BIM and ARCHICAD extremely efficient and precise even in those cases where the reading of the CONSTRUCTIONAL ELEMENTS measurements is complex or difficult to interpret.
Discover the best interface for your BIM authoring
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Import data from BIM model in IFC format.

Import the model data produced with your BIM Authoring via the IFC format. If you use ARCHICAD from version 18 to version 21 with the Add-On you can manage the layers of the components.

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Browse the 3D model and its initial organization.

Browse the 3D model and its initial organization. Use the Viewer to interact with the 3D model and change its display, as well as identify the attributes of each selected element.

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Evaluate information structured into groups, types and instances.

Evaluate model information structured in categories, types and instances to identify the attribute to be analyzed to which price items are then associated.

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Check the amounts used to make the calculation.

Choose the quantities available to help you prepare your calculation; you can then identify those that are relevant to project variations.

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Associate price items with types and their incidences.

Proceed with two specific actions to get the analysis of the jobs: associate the price items to the types and choose the incidences to adopt.

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Visually check the computation status

 Visually check the progress   achieved in the processing of data in order to understand what other actions may be necessary.

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Get the metric estimation and reorganize the WBS.

Get the metric estimative computation with one click and reorganize the WBS of the computation freely to customizable levels to have the highest flexibility in the representation of the metric estimative computation; now it has become easy to classify the work into specialized views (how it will be built, sold, etc.) and obtain the best organizational effectiveness of the project.